Domestic Carpet Cleaning In Derby

Our patented Domestic Carpet Cleaning service will give your carpets the most thorough of cleans and because our carbonating process uses the least amount of moisture, your carpets will be dry and ready to use within about 1-2 hours of carpet cleaning. The solutions we use are powerful enough to reach the toughest and deepest dirt, but the process is gentle so will leave your carpets looking and feeling as good as new. Compared to traditional steam cleaning techniques our Domestic Carpet Cleaning process leaves your carpets dryer and cleaner than ever before.

Our Domestic Carpet Cleaning process produces clear carbonating bubbles that do away with the need for detergents, soaps or any other chemical products. This means your carpets are cleaned safely, effectively and will stay cleaner for longer.

Chem-Dry® Central Carpet Cleaning Derby‚Äôs Powerful Carpet Cleaning Service

Our gently yet thorough carbonated Domestic Carpet Cleaning process is very effective and gently lifts dirt to the surface where it can be wiped away easily. We use a variety of professional extraction tools to remove all soil and dirt leaving your carpets perfectly clean.

Chem-Dry® Central Uses Less Water for Faster Drying Times

Here at Chem-Dry® Central, we understand how essential it is to clean your carpets using a dry solution. You need to be able to use your carpets quickly and it can be hard to keep children, pets and even adults out of a room whilst the carpet is drying. We use dry solutions in our Domestic Carpet Service that leave your carpet completely clean and dry to use within 1-2 hours.

Chem-Dry® Central Ensures a Deep Down Clean

Our Domestic Carpet Cleaning process uses carbonating bubbles that get to dirt no matter how deeply it sits within your carpets. Dirt and grime is effortlessly lifted to the surface and our technicians will remove this soiling easily leaving your carpets the cleanest they have been since they were first laid. We leave no soapy residues behind so your carpets will stay looking cleaner for much longer.

Chem-Dry® Central Provides a Healthy and Drier Carpet Clean Without Steam

Traditional carpet steam cleaners push water into your carpet at high pressures and this can mean dirt and grime are pushed back into the carpet pile and underlay. Drying times are also longer and a wet carpet is the perfect breeding ground for mould and bacteria.

At Chem-Dry® Central we specialise in an effective carbonated Domestic Carpet Cleaning system that means no soaps, detergents or other chemicals are required. We clean safely and effectively and your carpets will be touch-dry in a couple of hours.

For more information on our domestic services including Carpet Protection, Leather Cleaning and Stain Protection, why not give us a call on 01332 561 542 or via our online contact form?

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